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The exclusive SecuFast 7-star bit is only provided

chipboard | 07 Novembar, 2018 03:22

Other lengths are also available on request.The new model, along with Douwe’s entire SecuFast range, Gypsum Board Screws Manufacturers is available to view on the company’s newly designed user-friendly website, which features better navigation tools, and a new visual design to find the right security screw.

Protection and security with SecuFast® 30 June 2016 Douwes International B. SecuFast® 7-star® screw is unique thanks to its seven lobe recess, in contrast to a six lobe and five lobe (Cinstar®).V’s new addition to its SecuFast® security fasteners – the 7-star® model – helps users to avoid burglary, theft and vandalism as the bits are not commercially available..

The exclusive SecuFast 7-star bit is only provided to buyers of the 7-star screws and will therefore not be available everywhere. The website is available in Dutch, English and German and provides an extensive overview of the different kinds of security heads, recess systems and tools of the SecuFast range.

The screw is available in M6 in lengths 12mm – 40mm in stainless steel A2. Each screw is shown with an illustration, particular specifications and its application

The only remaining possibility is to utilise the mathematical relationship

chipboard | 31 Oktobar, 2018 03:35

It is therefore elementary and of vital interest to determine the friction coefficients of screw connections. The knowledge of the friction allows the designer to use smaller and lighter fasteners. 

Executive Editor Phil Matten caught up with him at Barton Coldform (UK) Ltd, an Optimas company and the most recent licensee for Phillips  SUPER spiral drive system.

Click here for more.In conversation with…Mike Mowins, president, The Phillips Screw Company 09 August 2017 An in-depth conversation on lightweighting and fastener development with Mike Mowins is never to be missed...

Unfortunately, this clamping force cannot be determined on the vehicle assembly line for economic reasons.Critically, the cohesion of those bolted components must be ensured and maintained when external loads occur. Just think of the everyday example of changing a wheel on a passenger car, and ensuring it will not come loose catastrophically when driving at speed.

Since the clamping force cannot be determined during the tightening process of screw connections – for the reasons already mentioned – the only remaining possibility is to utilise the mathematical relationship between clamping force, friction coefficient and tightening torque

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